Video reading of “Counting Half The World”

Although I’ve only just glimpsed into the windows of London’s poetry community, I think it’s a testament to that community’s seriousness (and its generosity toward less acclaimed poets) that the organizers of the London Open Mic Poetry Night record each performance and post the videos online. My thanks to them.

Here’s me reading “Counting Half The World” on Feb 4th (with stuttering preamble). (Note I’m reading directly out of the Hart House Review’s Winter Supplement, where “CHTW” was published last month.)

It was an impressive night, so check out the other videos on the account–particularly Poetry London blogger Kevin Heslop‘s “On the difficulty of describing bill bissett”:

Current Western University Writer-in-Residence Gary Barwin was the evening’s featured reader, and his first poem, “inside,” got me thinking about political poetry (and the politics of the politics of literature, and the politics of aesthetic prescriptivism in the guise of anti-prescriptivism) in a way that informs an upcoming post of mine on the Town Crier. The video below is cued up to (just before) Barwin performing “inside.”


A Poem in Hart House Review: “Counting Half The World”

After far too long writing PhD qualifying exams, paving my favourite neurons to put up a dissertating lot, I’m back to writing poetry. (But see how bad things have gotten?)

Perhaps I’ll begin a very delayed Shark Week Poemarathon 2014, though by my calculations I’ve already missed what would be the half-birthday/Xmas-in-July of Shark Week, January 11-17. I’ll just back-date the posts and no one will notice. You can keep our secret, can’t you, dear reader?

Speaking of reading, you should try it sometime. I have a very old poem newly published in the Hart House Review’s Winter Supplement 2015, “Counting Half The World.”

It has all the newsiest things: exotic locales! nipples! war tremors! (two kinds of) puddles! grandmother(‘)s! mules! (We all know how au courant mules are these days.)