Meatfruit: all the other combinations of food

MeatfruitI’m so very fond of starting projects because new projects give me the opportunity not to follow through on them.

So I’ve started a recipe-and-review blog lovingly dedicated to the supposedly weird (though in fact hyperdelicious) combinations in which I ingest food. It is ominously entitled Meatfruit. Today’s special (invented on-the-spot as I stood in my kitchen with begrowled belly) is Haferflocken kitschig. I think the German name sets the right tone for the dish, something “cheesy oatmeal with walnuts and mixed berries” just can’t pull off.

If you have your own disgusting dish that no one else in your life believes is actually tasty, send me a vague recipe I can ignore and I’ll happily feature said dish on the site.

Bone appetite.


Bare Hands Print Anthology – call for submissions and patrons

Bare Hands is the quite stunning e-journal of poetry and photography that was kind enough to publish “Telemachy” in their first issue as well as on Soundcloud. Having already published nine widely read issues in less than a year, which requires an uncommon amount of effort and dedication, the editors are well deserving of a birthday present this October.

Instead, they’re giving a present to everyone else: the Bare Hands Print Anthology. The full details are here, but their submission guidelines are simple:

Our deadline is September 1st 2012—that gives you loads of time. We will be publishing 15 photographs and 25 poems altogether. It’ll be amazing! All contributors will receive two copies of the print journal.

To submit simply send maximum three poems or photographs (you are welcome to send both) to with ‘Anthology Submission’ in the subject field. Please send the poems within the body of the email and attach the photographs as jpegs. We can’t wait to see your work!

I’ve seen journals in rapid ascent before. Bare Hands is a train you want to board as soon as possible because it’s going to start moving bloody fast. For readers and viewers, this is your opportunity to become official patrons of Bare Hands, as they’re seeking pre-purchases to help finance the project (via The minimum donation magically results in a copy of the anthology being mailed to you. Karmic compensation for extra generosity ranges from a Bare Hands mini-book to signed copies of the editors’ own poetry collections (Out of the Blueness by Kerrie O’ Brien and Follies by Sarah Griffin).