Bio & Media

Andy Verboom is from subrural Nova Scotia and currently lives in London, ON, where he organizes Couplets, a collaborative poetry reading series, and edits Word Hoard, a journal of creative and academic dialogues.

His poetry has won Descant’s Winston Collins Prize for Best Canadian Poem, been shortlisted for Arc Poetry Magazine’s Poem of the Year, and appeared in Arc, Contemporary Verse 2, BafterC, The Puritan, Vallum, and the anthology 300 Hours a Minute: Poems about YouTube Videos (Desert Pets, 2015).

He is the author of Tower (Anstruther, 2016), Full Mondegreens (co-authored with David Huebert; Frog Hollow, 2016), and Orthric Sonnets (Baseline, forthcoming fall 2017).


Photo credits: The Double Jay Collective.


Town Crier co-interview with David Huebert (April 2017)

London Open Mic Poetry featured reading (video recording) (March 2017)

London Open Mic Poetry blog interview (Feb 2017)

Town Crier author note (Jan 2017)

Descant blog interview (Feb 2014)

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