4 new poems in Arc, Vallum, The Puritan, and the Word Hoard

This month’s a tiny little mense mirabilis:

  • “The Critique of a Handsome Vacuum,” a double-headed sonnet in the tradition of double-headed sonnets that I’m hoping to make a thing, appears in Arc‘s Art in the End Times issue;
  • “The Megafaun: Fact or Fiction?,” an hilarious commentary on airplane elks, appears in Vallum‘s The Wild issue;
  • “Jesus H. Christ Does Private Dancing,” which is what it sounds like, appears in The Puritan‘s 35th issue;
  • and “There Emigrate Bullets,” a full mondegreen of David Huebert’s poem “The Renegade Poets,” appears in the Word Hoard‘s Scum & Villainy issue, where, in a crazy coincide, David’s poem also appears.

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