4 new poems in BafterC, Arc, & CV2

It’s been quite a summer, and—aside from some other exciting news—I’m tickled to have four new poems out, with four more on the way this fall.

In June, “Vesuvian Man” (great pun, right?) and “Evil Arrow-sign God” (maybe not my greatest title) appeared in the latest manifestation of BookThug’s occasional anthology series/eccentric periodical BafterC, which was guested edited by the Midas-touchy Jess Taylor. (Thanks, Jess!)

Earlier in the spring, “Gastromance” (my first attempt at writing an honest-to-god love poem, which of course turned into a poem about flatulence) was shortlisted for Arc Poetry Magazine‘s Poem of the Year. In April, it appeared online for consideration under the Readers’ Choice aspect of the award. Then, in June, it was finally ink-manifested in Arc‘s summer issue. I was happy to share a gutter with co-shortlistee and longtime friend Catriona Wright, especially because her poem, “Hitler’s Taste Testers,” made me feel a little green (in all three senses).

In July, “Sea Cucumber Elegy” appeared in the Water issue of Contemporary Verse 2. It’s often disconcerting when an older poem (especially one written in a style you once toyed with, have since abandoned) is selected for publication over much newer poems. But if a poem ages, untouched for years, dissociation can—surprise!—eventually make room for readerly appreciation. Which is probably why, come to think of it, you’d bother submitting an older poem. The composition and recompositions of “Sea Cucumber” are alien enough to me that I’m taking credit for some dead person’s work, which is always a sneakily good sensation and which is uncannily appropriate to the poem itself.

BafterC, Arc, and CV2.jpg

This fall, keep an eye out for new poems—one each—in Arc‘s Art in the End Times issue, Vallum‘s The Wild issue, and The Puritan. I’ll also have a new poem in the next issue of Word Hoard, which I’ll admit is suspect since I’m on the masthead of that journal. It might be worth checking out, though, if you want to see my full mondegreening of a new poem by David Huebert, which will also appear in the issue. And if you don’t yet know what a full mondegreen is, well, stay tuned.


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