Dragnetlocation – reading at The Ossington, July 31st

On Tuesday, July 31st, 7pm, I’ll be reading at The Ossington (61 Ossington Ave, Toronto) as part of a Dragnet Magazine/Echolocation Magazine double-threat. Broadsheets of “Olbers’s Paradox” will be on sale, and you will buy them. You will buy them all. Oh, you’re not in Toronto? Convenient. Convenient that you will buy them all online.

I’ll be reading with the aid of my patented ‘Illusion of Choice’ technique: I read two titles, the audience chooses by show of hands which poem I read, I disregard the audience’s selection as I see fit, I pretend it’s political commentary. Also reading that night (actually, I’m the ‘also reading’) are poet Ben Ladouceur and prosers Andrew F. Sullivan & Jamila Allidina. DJing that night is Devan Boomen.

Boomen? Verboom? Some Highlander shit will likely go down.

The Dragnetlocation facebook event is here. Invite yourselves.


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