Echolocation 2012 Poetry Contest

After what I’m told was a very factious judging process, involving three entirely incompatible shortlists and a few reversals, a poem of mine (“Olbers’s Paradox“) has somehow tripped over the line to win Echolocation Magazine‘s 2012 Poetry Contest. The prize offered a fantastic shortcut to seeing one’s writing in print: the winning poem hand-pressed in a limited-edition broadsheet to be sold as a fundraiser for Echolocation. Phoebe, general editor, offered me a few broadsheets or their equivalent in cash; I went all sentimental and chose the broadsheets. It was difficult not to after having stopped by Massey College and pulling the first twenty or thirty myself under the patient tutelage of master printer Brian Maloney, who then asked me to sign two copies for the press’s and his own records. The whole was a ridiculous experience for someone with the naughty non-habit of never submitting his poetry nowhere.

Edit: My rumination on writing “Olbers’s Paradox” was originally hosted on the Echolocation blog but didn’t survive the machinations of a recent content cull. I replicate them in a more recent post.


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